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This page presents instruments discoverd too late to be included in our publication. Please find here downloads in the format of the book to be placed at its end under the dust cover.

The number of additions to our book has grwon to five, making a total number of 174 authentic instruments or fragments. All newly found instruments, including a supposedly original bridge on a viol, are shown her.

Sorry, all of the following pages are in German:

6. A lute in the Musical Instrument Museum of Willisau, Switzerland, shows all features in its back, that are characteristic of Joachim Tielke's work. The instrument is now listed number TieWV 131a in the oeuvre catalog.

5. The baryton in the Munich Municipal Museum has for a long time been considered an uninteresting copy. However, after its examination it must now be looked at as an authentic instrument from the Tielke shop, though much altered. Its date is c. 1685, it is given the number TieWV 37a.

4. Pochette 1679 with an extraordinarily rich decoration, oeuvre no. TieWV 20a.
Download the description of the pochette 1679 (September 2014).

3. An angélique, dated 1698, has turned up in England; it was given the number TieWV 101a.

2. An original bridge for viola da gamba TieWV 32?

1. Lute with Tielke's label of 1703 (TieWV 132a). This label is now untraceable. The instrument has undergone severe alteration; however, the back is apparently from the Tielke workshop.

All instruments and the bridge will be described in detail in the supplementary volume to appear early in 2020.


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