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Friedemann und Barbara Hellwig

Joachim Tielke

Kunstvolle Musikinstrumente des Barock

Joachim Tielke (1641-1719) has been recognized by organologists and friends of early musical instruments as one of the greatest masters of his profession. The new book is the new standard work on his oeuvre: it has 456 pages with 512 illustrations (icontaining more than 800 phtographs), the majority in colour. It contains chapters on Tielke's life and work and an extensive oeuvre catalogue covering all 169 surviving instruments and fragments. There are appendices on Gottfried Tielke, Hinrich Kopp, the Fleischer and Goldt families and their instruments.

You may now order it from any bookseller:

Friedemann und Barbara Hellwig: Joachim Tielke. Kunstvolle Musikisntrumente des Barock, Deutscher Kunstverlag Berlin/München 2011, ISBN 978-3-422-07078-3. Now only 59 Euro.

Why not order it from the Hamburg bookshop Sautter + Lackmann? They will gladly accept credit cards.

Do not be discouraged from purchasing it because it is written in German, there is a two page English summary densely packed with information, there is a German-English-French glossary, and you will find a wealth of comprehensible information besides enjoying the numerous illustrations.

We prepared a small supplement with five additional instruments and more texts for a even deeper insight into Tielke's work. We apologize to our Anglophone readers that this volume will again be in German. It is for this reason that you won't see the pages with the newly found instruments any more. The supplement has appeared in June 2020.


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