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Joachim Tielke. New Finds on his Œuvre and Impact

This supplement appeared in June 2020, published again by Deutscher Kunstverlag.

Five instruments from the Tielke workshop have recently come to light, two lutes, an angélique, a pochette and a baryton - sufficient reason to produce a small voulume supplementing our comprehensive publication of 2011. The newly found instruments raise the number of works from the famous Hamburg instrument maker's shop from 169 to 174.

The new publication deals with aspects and open questions of Tielke's work and his impact on later instrument making, in addition there are remarks on instruments already described in the 2011 volume.

Also included are three slightly modified contributions to the Festschrift für Friedemann Hellwig on the dendrochronological examination of instruments by Joachim Tielke (by Micha Beuting and Peter Klein), on the technique of making a Tielke guitar (by Sebastian Kirsch) and on Richard Weissgerber's »Tielke-Model« and the 19th century historicising guitar making (by Andreas Michel).

A complete and updated list of all works by Joachim Tielke complete this volume.

Friedemann und Barbara Hellwig: Joachim Tielke. Neue Funde zu Werk und Wirkung, Deutscher Kunstverlag Berlin/München 2020, ISBN 978-3-422-98211-6, 29 ,95 Euro.

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