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Do you know of any instrument by Joachim Tielke that is not in our book? Please contact us.

Furthermore, we are still searching for a number of instruments from the Tielke workshop or otherwise of interest, whose present where-abouts are not known. The following instruments were included in Günther Hellwig's book of 1980. We are anxious to know of their present owners and locations:

  1. Pochette, signed "Joachim Tielke ... 1670"
    TieWV 3; formerly in the van Neste collection, Brussels (Hellwig no. 5)

  2. Guitar, signed "Joachim Tielke ... 1672"
    TieWV 7; former owner: James Broughton, London (Hellwig no. 9)

  3. Violin, signed "Joachim Tielke ... 1687"
    Former owner: Rosemary E. Menzel, USA
    TieWV 46 (Hellwig no. 41)

  4. Viola da gamba, Joachim Tielke 1701
    signed "Juvante Deo anno 60 aetatis su ... Joachim Tiel ... in Hamburg"
    TieWV 122; former owner: Emil Burkhardt, Eisenach/Germany (Hellwig no. 102)

The following instruments were not listed by Günther Hellwig:

  1. Viola da gamba, signed
    "Joachim Tielke ... 1702" (1697?)

    TieWV 128; former owner: Aanesen, Norway

  2. Viola da gamba, Joachim Tielke?
    Turned into a violoncello with female head. In an auction, London, 2000.

  3. Theorbo, Joachim Tielke oder Jacob Heinrich Goldt
    In a 1999 auction at Christie's London

  4. Violoncello, "Flemish" with false label of the Amati brothers
    Auction at Sotheby's London 1997

  5. Viola with representation of Venus as often found in Tielke's
    marquetry work

    In English private possession in the 1970s.

TieWV = Tielke-Werkverzeichnis, Tielke oeuvre list; see Friedemann and Barbara Hellwig, Joachim Tielke. Kunstvolle Musikinstrumente des Barock, Berlin/München 2011

We would be most grateful for any hint to the present whereabouts of any of the above instruments and any other that might be of interest in the context of the Tielke workshop (confidential if requested)


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