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Joachim Tielke's instruments

No other instrument maker has produced such a wide variety of types. There are lutes of various types, bell citterns, pochettes, violins, one violoncello, viole d'amore without sympathetic strings, viols and barytons.

All instruments from the Tielke workshop have in common the high quality of their manufacture, although there is a certain variation in the quality of marquetry and the engraving. This obviously reflects the various craftsmen, also the client's demands and his readiness to pay an adequate price. This may also be true for the use of ivory for the carved heads of some of the viols.

Among other matters the new edition focusses on is the careful comparison of the decoration of the many instruments, both as an aid in dating unsigned instruments and for distinguishing the craftsmen and artists contributing to the manufacture of the instruments. Stilistic differences are already discernible at the current state of research.

The centre of our publication is formed by the Desciptive Catalogue listing 169 instruments and fragment. For easier reference each piece is given a TieWV number (Tielke oeuvre catalogue number), also giving Günther Hellwig's number of 1980. The oeuvre catalogue is in chronolical order, indepent of the type of instrument. - Additional instruments that have come to our knowledge only after the appearance of our book can be found on this website, page "Addenda".

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