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Plucked instruments

Varoius types of plucked musical instruments have come from Tielke's shop: lutes, guitars and Hamburg cithrinchens (bell citterns).

Three different types of instruments from the lute family can be found amongs Tielke's products: mandoras, (classic) lutes and angéliques. Mandoras had not previously been recognized. All "theorboes" are instruments once in the state of lutes or angéliques. No true Tielke theorboe has been found.

Guitars show three sizes: "terzguitars"; instruments of normal size and guitars of bass size.

The earliest depiction of a Hamburg cithrinchen (bell cittern) can be found on the rearside of Tielkes earliest viol, dated 1669 (TieWV 1) while the earliest of Tielke's instruments dates from 1676 (TieWV 13). Another seven instruments of this type from the Tielke shop are preserved. The tailpiece, surviving on only one instrument (TieWV 49), allows producing a vibrato similar to that on the clavichord. With regard to cithrinchens from other workshops of that time it can besafely assumed that this unique feature belongs to all instruments of this type.


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