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Günther Hellwig listed three bows in his book, he attributed two of them to Joachim Tielke (nos. 138 and 139 pictured above). Another one, formerly in the Leipzig Museum für Musikinstrumente, is a loss from World War II (no. 137); though described by Kinsky in his catalogue of 1912 as authentic, it is no longer called a work by Tielke in the museum. The same applies to a bow accompanying the viola da gamba (TieWV 97) of the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs (today in the Musée de la Musique). Therefore, only the bows mentioned at the beginning, nos. 138 and 139 in the Hamburg Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe call for discussion.

The two bows were examined by Ian Watchorn in 1984. According to him one of the bows (no. 139) is a 20th century copy of the other (no. 138). No. 138 was acquired in 1905 with the owner's remark that this was the bow for a viola da gamba by Tielke (no. 139 entered the museum only in 1921). No. 138 has a round stick of Pernambuc stained black and altered to an octogonal cross-section near the frog. The frog with button and screw come from a violin bow of the second half of the 18th centruy. Further detail and alteration lead Watchorn to the conclusion that the bow dates from the period between 1730 and 1770.

Thus no one bow can safely be atributed to Joachim Tielke. In fact, we even have no idea what a bow from the Tielke shop would have looked like.


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