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Bowed instruments

Among the 169 instruments from the Tielke shop there are pochettes, violins, viole d'amore without sympathetic strings, one violoncello, viole da gamba and barytons. Nearly onehundred viols form the largest group of instruments.

Pochettes carry Tielke's labels and can be attributed to the workshops of Jacques Regnau(l)t and other makers from Paris. However, it is only recently that another Tielke pochette, labeled 1679, has come to light; this lavishly decorated instrument clearly is from the Hamburg shop (see the "Addenda" page of this website).

Only four violins are known, that is few with regard to the violin's popularity already at Tielke's time. All four intruments show carved heads as their finials , there are no scrolls. - The violoncello is dated 1693: unfortunately the neck, pegbox and head are not preserved.

The viole d'amore do not possess sympathetic strings. They represent the north German protestant type.

The viole da gamba outnumber any other type of instrument by far: nearly onehundred of them are preserved, amongst them several lavishly decorated pieces made for the courts of Munich, Weimar and Gottorf.

All barytons are English property. Of special interast is the fragment of neck, pegbox and carved head(s), which an help better understand the original state of the other barytons.


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