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Fleischer, Goldt, Kopp and others

Joachim Tielke married Catharina Fleischer, daughter of Hans Christoff Fleischer, an instrument maker said to have come from the Netherlands. Catharina's sister, Anna, became the wife of Lucas Goldt, instrument maker in Hamburg and Lübeck. Thus the families of Tielke, Fleischer and Goldt are related by marriage. And all are still represented by instruments in public and private collections, made by Hans Christoff Fleischer, Carl Conrad Fleischer (keyboard instruments), Jacob Hinrich Goldt and Samuel Goldt.

Their instruments are of great interest to our project with regard to similarity in style and decoration, also to possible commercial cooperation.

Hinrich Kopp, called the presumed inventor of the Hamburg bell cittern by Günther Hellwig, obviously had some kind of cooperation with Joachim Tielke. Our book will answer some of the relevant questions.

Finally, Gregor Karpp of Königsberg, native palce of Joachim Tielke, is of special interest as a possible supplier to Tielke.


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